Things to consider before getting a cat

If you’re questioning, ‘should I get a cat?’ 貓移民美國   you want be aware about what it includes earlier than you take the plunge from cat fan to cat owner. Clinical animal behaviourist Inga MacKellar gives a few advice on things to understand earlier than getting a cat.

Why should I get a puppy?
Cats are ideal when you have a hectic lifestyles and constrained time to take care of a puppy, considering they are extremely impartial-natured animals and commonly ‘do their own factor’.

‘A properly-socialised cat can be a cute associate, and there’s lots of evidence that having a cat to stroke or sit in your lap can relieve pressure and assist decrease blood pressure,’ says Inga. ‘Cats can live to 18 years vintage or greater, so selecting to very own a cat should in no way be a gently taken selection.’

What you ought to know as a first-time cat owner
‘Having a cat can give you extremely good delight, but you can’t decide till she’s on your care how sociable she’ll be,’ says Inga. ‘You can encourage her to want to spend time with you via giving her plenty of stimulation and interplay, but a few cats are cuddly and others handiest like interaction on their very own terms. So, in case you’re banking on a guaranteed cuddly consistent partner you can want to suppose once more.’

If you’re rehoming a cat, particularly an older cat, the charity or business enterprise you’re rehoming from will commonly have an awesome idea of her temperament and whether she’ll be a suitable accomplice for you.

Cat care
Cats are noticeably easy and cheaper to take care of in evaluation to puppies. They opt for several small meals all through the day. There are timed feeders or meals pastime toys which can do this, but you need to be organized to address cleaning out her clutter tray if she won’t have get right of entry to to an out of doors vicinity.

‘Cats are very clean animals normally, grooming themselves often during the day, but necessarily a few cat hair will become to your tender fixtures and garb,’ says Inga.

‘They want to be in control of their very own lives so will simply nip out of their cat flap when they fancy.’ Also, allow for the cost of every year vaccinations, ordinary worming and flea remedies and other vets’ charges or puppy coverage.

Are there any disadvantages of having a cat?
‘Cats are tremendously bonded to their territory and hate transferring round, so in case you’re frequently shifting domestic, a cat received’t sense glad or settled. Do you live someplace your cat will have access to a lawn, or somewhere she will explore?’ says Inga.

‘You’ll want to spend time and money to make her surroundings as cat-pleasant and stimulating as viable with a cat scratch publish, cat timber, hiding locations, high shelves to sit down on and toys to keep her lively, amused and content material, particularly if you’re in a flat. If you live on a hectic road, your cat might not be safe, unless you put money into cat-proofing your garden.’

What are the frequent troubles cat proprietors encounter?
‘Cats are sensitive creatures. They may also scratch furniture, mainly if they’re bored or burdened. Both male and girls may additionally spray urine in and around the residence after they’re worrying,’ says Inga.

And in case your cat enjoys an outside lifestyles, she may work lacking for some days at a time or get into a fight. ‘Always microchip a cat with your touch details so she is extra without difficulty lower back to you,’ Inga advises.

If you’re going to have an indoor cat, it’s critical to ensure they have got enough stimulation, along with cat timber and lots of excessive-up places in which they could climb and take a seat. A lack of play for active cats can motive boredom and stress, so be sure to take the time to research cat games and activities you may do collectively.

How to select a puppy for the primary time

There are accurate motives to get a kitten. They’re irresistible and terrific a laugh but want a while and attention to muddle teach and socialise.

‘Think what kind of cat will match fine to your household,’ says Inga. ‘An adult cat from a rescue centre may be an excellent alternative. Staff will have a great understanding of which cats are sociable cuddly lap creatures, or those acquainted with children.

‘If you opt for a kitten, purchase from a good supply. The early socialising technique within the first 8 weeks of a kitten’s existence is important. Specific breeds like Siamese or very lengthy-haired cats will want more interest than your average moggy due to their social personalities.’

Find out greater approximately the maximum famous cat breeds and their characteristics.

Tips for first-time cat proprietors
It may be notably rewarding to convey domestic a new kitten or to rehome a cat, giving it a 2nd danger of happiness. However, there are some things to do not forget while getting a cat for the first time, says animal behaviourist Nick Jones.

So, you’ve determined to get a kitten or rehome a cat and have located a capability fit, however how do you put together yourself and your own home on your new pet?

It’s crucial to make sure you know as a good deal as feasible approximately your new pet earlier than bringing her domestic and, ideally, why she become positioned up for rehoming. Rescue centres could have spent time with the animals of their care, mastering their likes, dislikes and any ability behavioural issues.

You’ll also want to ensure that your new pet is healthy so test that any cat you’re inquisitive about adopting has had a recent vet test, and be sure to look into your coverage options earlier than bringing her domestic.

What have to you recognize as a first-time cat proprietor?
A new kitten or cat will want it slow and interest, especially in those early days at the same time as they’re settling in. So, make certain it’s the right time on the way to be an owner or to adopt.

Also, if you have some other pets, you’ll need to recollect how a cat could healthy in with them and whether or not the house surroundings is suitable. The essential question you want to ask yourself is – is that this cat or kitten proper for our home and is our home proper for them?

Bringing your cat domestic
Rescue cats can take extra time than you might assume to settle into a brand new home, so the important thing for newbie proprietors is to be patient. You would possibly have a confident, relaxed cat that quick feels at home, but similarly you can have a nervous cat that wishes a piece longer.

As a primary-time puppy proprietor, it’s essential in those first few days no longer to force them to be pals with you. Given area, maximum cats will soon settle, specially when they recognize that you’re the provider of appropriate things, such as refuge and meals. To experience extra organized before bringing home your kitten, test out some of our schooling films.

Letting your cat out for the first time
You should preserve a kitty indoors for at the least weeks before letting her out for the primary time, so she has an opportunity to broaden a feel of belonging and a bond with you. This is also the best time to gently begin clutter schooling. In the ones two weeks, you might need to softly and gradually introduce a bit harness and cause your cat to use for the first few trips out. However, when you have made the home a comfortable place wherein your cat feels relaxed and happy, you must be confident that it will go back. Ensure your cat has identity and been microchipped earlier than you let her out on her very own. If you have got followed your cat from a rehoming centre those timings may vary depending on her background. You’ll need to test with the centre you obtain her from on how an awful lot time she’ll possibly want to conform to her new environment.

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